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Solar panels are becoming more popular every day because they provide renewable energy and save their owners money on utility costs, while requiring little or no maintenance at all. They work by absorbing sunlight with photovoltaic cells and the more light hits the panel, the more power it will generate. Mostly due to the upwards angle of solar panels they are not immune to natural soiling or bird droppings, general dust, debris or dirt that does not wash off with just rain. If this soiling is left untreated, it reduces the amount of light hitting the panel and reduces its output by up to 30%. The solution to this problem is a professional solar panel cleaning in Canberra.

Solar panel cleaning keeps your warranty, helps your solar panels produce the maximum electricity and saves you money.

Why clean your solar panels with Watsons Cleaning?

The solar panels stay clean up to 5 times longer - In order to maximize the power output of your system, we use the highest quality pure reverse osmosis deionized water to clean your panels in an envir onmentally friendly procedure. When abrasive chemicals or detergents are used, a thin layer of sticky residue is left behind that actually attracts dirt and can even damage your panels. With our purified water there is no sticky residue left behind, therefore there is nothing for the dust to stick to and your solar panels will stay clean up to 5 times longer.

Safe for your panels and yourself - Solar panels are relatively fragile and sensitive and should not be cleaned with soap, high pressure, squeegees, or anything that can scratch the glass surface. Getting up on the roof while dragging a hose can be a daunting task, not to mention that simple hose cleaning can create hard water deposits with all the risk and danger involved. High pressure water can cause substantial damage, it leaves streaks or residue on the glass and sometimes quickly lowered temperature of the panels can crack them. Our team is equipped with professional solar panel cleaning equipment, know how to clean solar panels safely and effectively and offer a high quality professional solar panel cleaning service.

Improve Efficiency - While many factors impact solar power production in solar panels, experts agree that power loss may range as high as 25% to 30% in some areas for some customers who failed to ever clean their panels. Some customers experienced only 75% of what they were when their panels were first installed after only 6 months. Solar performance degrades without adequate cleaning and to maintain optimal energy production, they require periodic cleanings especially in areas of high airborne particulates (dust, exhaust, coastal salts, organic debris, and industrial processes). A clean solar panel means maximum efficiency.

Environmentally friendly - At Watsons Solar Panel Cleaning we really do believe that more people embracing solar energy will make the world a better place. We are also concerned about the environment and that is why we use pure deionized water, eliminating the need for detergents or chemicals. Ordinary tap water contains a variety of minerals including magnesium salt and calcium carbonate, which can leave hard water stains and spots on the glass. Our professional, pure and environmentally friendly cleaning process thoroughly restores solar panels to maximum productivity.

Tap or rain water will not clean your solar panels - Rain is not a satisfying way to clean your solar panels because it contains airborne dust particles that attach to the surface and as a result, grime accumulates and forms a film of dirt. It is like a windscreen of your car because they are both exposed to the same elements, if you don’t clean it for 6 months, how much visibility will you lose? Even if the car is rained on, there is still a film of dirt and visibility through your windscreen is lost due to the loss of light. Therefore, it is very important to maximize the light getting into the solar panel to ensure it is running at full efficiency.

Professional solar panel cleaning keeps your warranty, helps your solar panels produce the maximum electricity and saves you money.

“I had Rob come out and clean my solar panels for the first time. After seeing the difference I am amazed how they look and anxious to see the difference in the savings.”.

- Alicia Wason, ACT

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